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Introduction/Hypothesis: Profit and Competition in Life Insurance Industry
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5 pages in length. This hypothesis paper is divided into a definition of purpose, questions, objectives, and the basis of the hypothesis. Focus is on the life insurance industry and how the nature of rivalry and competition can affect the anticipation or prediction of profits within the industry.
Filename: JGAmgsci2.wps

Is International Law Really Law?
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This 25 page paper considers whether or not international law may be seen as real law. The paper compares international law to domestic law and looks at why it may be seen as legitimate and why it may be seen as illegitimate. The paper includes the traditional arguments for and against, including theorists such as Blackstone, Austin and Hart. The paper is written in four parts, the first considers if international law is really law, the second looks at why international law is binding, the next considers why states comply with international law and the final section considers different modern theoretical approaches. The bibliography cites 23 sources.
Filename: TEintval.rtf

Is there link Between Book Values and Share Prices?
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This 45 page paper looks at share prices to examine book value of equity, book value per share, market price of the stock and their interdependency. This is assessed with the examination of various models which consider these factors either directly or indirectly, including Edwards-Bell-Ohlson Models (EBO), Dividend Discount Model (DDM), Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Efficient Market Hypothesis (RMH) and also the system used by Warren Buffett. The bibliography cites 22 sources.
Filename: TEsharebook.rtf

Islam and Discipline
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This 22 page paper looks at the concept and materialisation of discipline in the main practices of modern Islam. The paper consider the idea and perspective of discipline, examining the it is seen in the Quran (or Koran), looking at both self discipline and also discipline of women and children by husbands and fathers, the way self discipline may be practiced, the importance of learning and the difficulties of self discipline for western Muslim women. The bibliography cites 10 sources.
Filename: TEislamdisp.rtf

J Sainsbury; A Research Proposal
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This 15 page paper is a research proposal to investigate why Sainsbury's have been seeing their market share drop. The paper gives a plan to carry out this research and undertakes a literature review looking at Sainsbury's and their main competitors; Tesco and Asda. The bibliography cites 10 sources.
Filename: TEsainspro1.rtf

Knowledge Creation and Tesco; The Successful Use of Technology and a Loyalty Scheme
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This 18 page paper looks at how and why knowledge creation is important in the marketing environment. The paper shows how information does not equal knowledge and to become knowledge it needs to be in format that facilitates value creation for a company. The paper then considers the use of loyalty schemes, as pioneered by the hotel and airline industry and how they create an incentive for repeat purchases. It is only in more recent years that technology has enabled the use of data collected from a loyalty scheme to be proactively used to enhance marketing and commitment. The case of Tesco’s is used to demonstrates the value of knowledge and loyalty when they are brought together. The paper stars with an introduction, presents a literature review and then uses a case study to explore the application of theory to practice. The bibliography cites 18 sources.
Filename: TEloytesco.rtf

Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Breast Cancer Screening Practices in Developing Countries: A Case Study for Ghana, West Africa; Research Results
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This 29 page paper uses primary research conducted by the student on a sample size of 474 respondents concerning knowledge attitudes and beliefs about breast cancer among Ghanaian women. The paper presents the results with an analysis of the results and links them to a literature review which has already been conducted. The bibliography cites 13 sources.
Filename: TEbcghanare.rtf

Labour Market Trends in Hong Kong
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This 75 page dissertation papers examines the labour market in Hong Kong. The paper begins by exploring the impact that global economic slowdown is having on the Hong Kong labour market, looking first at the economy globally and the problem of over-capacity and then at the specific impacts the global economy is having on Hong Kong as well as more local impacts, such as the transfer of rule to China. The writer then looks at the development of the labour market and how the economic changes have forced the structure of the labour market to change away form the more traditional manufacturing to new technology and the desire to build knowledge based economy. Issues such as the skills shortage, the disadvantages and advantages of the links with China and its’ membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the role of vocational training are all considered before the conclusion that within Hong Kong occupational trends demonstrate a new economy. The bibliography cites 61 sources.
Filename: TEHKlabm.rtf

Leadership in the Real World
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This 19 page paper is a study to apply leadership theory to the way it is practices. The looks at various characteristics and theories of leadership style. The primary research is conducted looking at a good leader with the use of a self reporting questionnaire to identify how the theory is seen in practice. The bibliography cites 7 sources.
Filename: TEleadcase.rtf

Letter of Intent/Informed Consent
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This 6 page paper provides an overview of a letter of intent, an example of informed consent and examples of survey questions that can be utilized for a number of different types of studies. Bibliography lists 1 sources.
Filename: MHInformedCons.rtf

Leveraging the Appraisal System and the Potential Introduction of a Performance Related Pay System at the UNHCR
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This 67 page paper looks at the way that performance appraisals may be leverage to create value and how they may help with the introduction of performance related pay in a non profit making multi-cultural organization; The UNHCR. The paper presents a project will all section up until, but not including the primary research. This includes the introduction, research questions and justification for the study, an in-dept literature review looking at relevant theories including motivation theory, the value and use of appraisals, the influence of culture and the use of performance related pay including the way it may be interpreted by the employees. A methodology including data collection and proposed analysis approach is included. The bibliography cites 49 sources.
Filename: TEUNHCRhrm.rtf

Life with the Ojibwa: a Modern Day Trail of Tears: Ethical Issues in Research
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This 4 page paper provides an overview of the ethical issues in research related to a study of casino gambling in the Ojibwa tribe of MN. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: MHOjibwa.rtf

Loyalty in the UK Supermarket Industry; How Can Sainsbury Compete?
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This 30 page paper looks at the way loyalty is gained and retained by supermarkets in the UK grocery sector with the aim of helping J Sainsbury gain market share. The paper presents a literature review looking at loyalty schemes including a section that consider how and why Tesco has been able to gain higher levels of loyalty than other supermarkets. The paper then presents some potential primary research identifying the way loyalty is maintained. The bibliography cites 20 sources.
Filename: TEsainsloy.rtf

Malaysia & The Arms Industry
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This 46 page thesis addresses the issues surrounding arms in Malaysia. The arms industry in the country, as well as around the world, is examined. Also included in the discussion is the Asian economic crisis as well as other problems which exist in the region. The military in Malaysia is examined particularly in the midst of nuclear tests being conducted in the area along with the possibility of another cold war. The Vision 2020 campaign which has been popularized by The Malaysian Business Council discussed in detail. Bibliography lists 37 sources.
Filename: Malarms.doc

Male Self-Esteem & The Gifted Student
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A 40 page thesis/practicum investigating the hypothesis that male students exhibit reduced levels of self-esteem in the gifted classroom environment. Solution strategies are presented in full detail. Bibliography lists more than 30 sources. Please write to us for more information.
Filename: Gifted.wps

Management / Human Resource Model Thesis
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"A Study of Home-Based Laser Assemble Employees Through Exit Interviews and Information Technology." 65 pages in length including all charts, graphs, and statistical diagrams. The purpose of this particular study was to determine (via analysis of exit interviews) if an increase in both the quantity and quality of training through the use of information technology would assist in retaining home-based laser assembly employees. APA guidelines are adhered to, points are well-made, and more than 20 references are listed in bibliography. Interview/survey blanks (Appendix) are included FREE of charge !
Filename: Manathes.wps

Manchester United as an International Business
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This 44 page paper looks at Manchester United and consider the way in which it is marketed and looks at Singapore as a target market. The paper conducts a PEST analysis of the potential location and then analyses the industry with Porters Five Forces Models. The marketing and general operations and practices of Manchester United are then examined using a SWOT analysis the BCG matrix as well as a product lifecycle analysis. The paper then considers the marketing strategies and how they have been introduced and implemented before making recommendations for the future. The bibliography cites 28 sources.
Filename: TEmanut1.rtf

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